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Review for Executive Advisory Services

"A few years ago, I was having difficulty setting a firm boundary around my departure date to leave a job. I had told my manager I was quitting, but the situation was dragging out for months. One day, the individual and I had a difficult exchange and I was overwhelmed emotionally. Lilith stepped in and gracefully helped me craft just the right email to end the working relationship. I truly don't know what I would have done without her at that moment. Not only did she help me see things more clearly, but she knew exactly what to say, and also helped me salvage the relationship."

Review for Home Attunement Services

"Over the course of just one week, Lilith transformed my home - from an energetic and aesthetic perspective - into a temple space where I can live, work and play at ease and with grace. She laid a crystal grid, helped me source and align furniture and other decorative elements, and also organized my closet - I cannot say enough good things about the outcome! Lilith is pure magick! " 

Logan Y. 

Managing Director Financial Services Company

Review for Empower Thyself Class & Initiation  & Life Activation

“Life Activation with Laura marked the beginning of a period of growth that I had been waiting to herald in for a long time. Instantaneously, within one day for me, darkness was illuminated. Answers to questions that were plaguing me for years became clear overnight.
I shifted from a life-long pattern of guilt to one of peace and comfort. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my whole life would change after my Life Activation.

I can only describe it as an enhanced version of myself. I stopped drinking alcohol and found a new passion, which allowed me to find new strengths. I opened a new business and also set my current career on a higher spiritual path. The Life activation and Initiation for me increased mental clarity, crystallized my purpose, and opened me to new ideas and passions.” 

Lauren Grondski


 Executive Advisory services and Home Attunement Services

"I’ve had the honor of working directly with Lilith regarding Executive Advisory services and Home Attunement services. Lilith operates at a different level and truly embodies what she teaches and believes in. I have gained much wisdom and insight from her on how to approach different situations and challenges – she has me connect at a deeper level from my creator self/higher self. I feel empowered and from the heart when working with her and designing my life in a way that is truly authentic to me. Also, my home felt like a magical sanctuary after just one hour of Lilith making changes to the design and flow. I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work with Lilith."

Jeff Benton

 CEO Paragon Performance Evolution

Empower Thyself Program

Having worked with many A-list spiritual masters over several decades, I’ve come to be pretty particular about who I accept in the role of teacher. From the moment I met Lilith Reese, I could sense she was the right guide to lead me into some new territories I’d yet to explore in my journey. Lilith’s intelligence, warmth, and mastery of her craft is evident in every interaction with her. Having experienced 2 activations and some other energy sessions, I’m excited to go to the next level with Lilith’s 2-day Empower Thyself training next week — and I’m sure that won’t be the end of my exploration into all the fascinating wisdom she offers! If you like your magic-training served up with kindness, professionalism, proficiency and love, you’ll want Lilith as your joyful guide.

Lisa McCourt


Review For Life Activation &
Energy Clearing

" I met Lilith in March 2020 and received a  Life Activation and Energy Clearing session. From that point on I began to enjoy the present moment in life and to think more toward my future. I am so grateful that life started to change around me. Lilith guided my spiritual energy to flow in the right direction, to make better choices to create a better life ahead for myself, and to appreciate what is happening in my life more deeply and clearly. It's like experiencing life as I did in childhood- feeling time pass with awareness, gratitude while creating vivid memories. Thank you Lilith for helping me make my life be more meaningful and full of potential and appreciation for other people. "  

Dr. Tsukasa Ishihara

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Review For Life Activation &
Energy Clearing

“since my Life Activation last month I’ve felt a lot of changes and a strong sense of peace. I don’t have an underlying sense of anxiety anymore… I don’t feel like I need to ‘prove’ anything anymore.
I am super excited to receive the Full- Spirit Activation next week and to have each of my daughters receive  the Life Activation  next week a well !"

Michelle DeRogatis

Real Estate Agent

Review For Life Activation &
Energy Clearing

"I've been going through a stressful life-changing event that I knew was the cause of physical pain in my abdomen. Since receiving the energy clearing and beautiful Life Activation with Lilith, I've felt quite good and the stabbing pain in my abdomen has decreased by half! I've hired Lilith for her Spacial Attunement service as well - she transformed my space in two hours, provided highly useful guidance and laid out a design plan to implement over the upcoming months for my home and workspace.
I look forward to our future
collaborations and to receiving more  healing sessions from Lilith!"

Sonia Kazarova

Grammy Nominated Opera Singer (2019), Composer, Actress, Mother, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Review For Life Activation &
Energy Clearing

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lilith in her Ancient Healing arts. The experience was beyond words and truly uplifting, bringing me to a space in my life of greater clarity and empowerment. After working with Lilith, I was able to more directly analyze aspects of my life which I wished to grow and understand better how to move forward - in manifesting the life I truly desire. Lilith has brought insights for me that seem to have come directly from spirit and brought through information for me in my healing journey that was exactly what I needed in the present moment. I highly recommend her to anyone should they wish to greater understand themselves and live into greater joy."

Forrest Hutchens 

Web Management for Dr. Theresa Bullard /
Cryptocurrency Developer

Review For
Life Activation &
Energy Clearing
Full-Spirit Activation,
Sacred Geometry 1 & Astral Travel Classes

"I had a calling, and this calling became stronger and stronger until I finally had the courage to quit my job and embark on a spiritual path to become a healer. During this process, I kept asking the universe to guide me and I came across a post on Instagram about the Modern Mystery School and went to their website to learn more and I knew I had found my path! From there I searched for a Practicioner in my area and that’s where I came across Lilith Reese at Glass Roots Energetics. I had a 20 minute call with Lilith and then I scheduled my Life Activation which is a 22-strand DNA activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self among many other benefits that everyone should try, regardless of their profession. After the session and since then, it’s like a veil opened up! I can think more clearly, I’m more confident and the negative voices in my head have subsided! It’s given me strength and confidence to pursue this new path in my life. After the Life Activation I also received the Full Spirit Activation, another magical modality that takes you one ate further to increase your connection to your soul. This just increased the effects I described above and I feel truly lighter and lighter as time goes by. Lilith is a sweet, kind, empowered and supportive guide and her knowledge and constatar support have helped me tremendously! She’s very attentive and constantly checks in with you to follow up on your progress and is always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Since the Life and Spirit activation I decided to follow the path through the Modern Mystery School and I’ve taken 2 classes with her, Astral Travel and Sacred Geometry She graciously passes down some essential teachings and rituals that I can use in my daily life and practice. The environment at Glass Roots Energetics is warm, cozy, welcoming, soothing and has great energy! Just being there makes you feel at peace. I’m extremely grateful to have found this path and for having my fellow Goddess Lilith be a part of my life and journey. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Thank you Lilith for your wisdom, love and support and for sharing your beautiful Magick with me, for teaching me to find my own power and Goddess within me! My life only gets better by the day and the possibilities are endless! 🙏🏼💖 ✨"

Karina DeFaria

Miami Real Estate Agent

Review For Life Activation &
Energy Clearing

I was curious about Lilith’s work as it was all such new territory for me, and I’m now so thankful for diving in headfirst. I received a chord cutting and Life Activation from her, and went into these experiences with an open heart and willingness to be transformed. Clear intentions and goals were revealed and amplified, and she must have put something energetic in place to accelerate manifestations. Within a few months, I was offered a full-time dream job at an ideal non-profit that I just couldn’t penetrate for over a year. I also had an unexpectedly large sum of money come my way that seemed to just drop in my lap. Freedom from economic insecurity rushed into my life after persisting for far too long. Plus, I could literally feel the bonds of resentment and anger falling off of me, and my relationship with the humans in (and out) of my life mending as I let go more and more. The modality gave greater freedom than any material win could provide. My spiritual practice and growth have benefited greatly as well, as I’m finding my meditations more carefree and focused. There is more to life than meets the eye, and that is Lilith’s sweet spot.

Kate Ferber

Musician / Director at Grammy Cares

Review for Empower Thyself Class & Initiation 

I look forward to you being my Guide. I implemented all of the rituals this morning…yay! 🎉   

I feel I’d like to embark in the study of the Kabbalah….perhaps you can give me some direction.

I AM in gratitude for your Light ✨✨✨

Tim Baker

Wealth Management