Feng Shui Home Styling
Home Makeover

" Laura re-styles a home using Feng Shui practices, energetic awareness and her refined eye for design - resulting in a beautifully curated environment and inviting ambiance."

How Does Your Space Feel?

Your personal space is meant to serve and recharge you . . .

When you enter your home do you feel received, calm, and inspired? When you retire to your bedroom do you feel tranquil and nurtured? Are these spaces a healing sanctuary for you? If they are not, then they may need an energy clearing & Feng Shui Re- Styling.

Our personal spaces store energy from the past - both positive and negative - in items like pictures, tables, chairs, rugs, accessories, nick-nacks, Art. The energy carried by people visiting or living in a space can be absorbed by the actual space itself and can remain long after they've departed. It is important to clear and transmute energies to restore clarity and harmony to a home.

Many clients choose to begin a home makeover by decluttering and releasing items, which frees up the energy allowing it to clear.  From there, Laura re-styles the home using Feng Shui practices, energetic awareness, and her refind eye for design - resulting in a beautifully curated environment and inviting ambiance.

Laura is an expert at guiding clients through this process of organizing and restyling a space so that it will look, feel, and provide a sanctuary for them.

Clearing out the old items, restructuring what's there, and bringing in new items to create a space of perfection can be a simple 2-hour task or can be a 2-week project, depending on the desire and budget of the client.

Once the physical space is set, Laura is trained to set senergy grids, using crystal quartz throughout the home to anchor in energetic light.

Clients then have a completely new experience of their space - one that harmonizes and fully supports their success in every area of life!

schedule a complimentary consultation with Laura to discuss your home makeover.

Home Styling Packages


Decluttering and Organization support is offered on a per hour rate

$65 / Per Hr

Home Energy Clearing

 Have your home/office energetically cleared and filled with light.
This service is beneficial to receive at the end of a relationship, after a death, before moving into a new home or to simply clear out lingering, heavy, energy

$200 / per hr

Feng Shui Home Styling

Price is per the hour.
If you have a empty space and require an entirely new design layout - we'll work together to curate a special package specifically for your home.

$95 / Per Hr

Crystal Gridding

 For creating a wonderful home and/or work environment with crystal grids.

4 different grids to apply to your home/office:

* Protection

*Bringing Divine Energy into your space

*Calling in the Divine Light energy

*Completion, wholeness, abundance & manifestation of everything your heart desires

Price will very depending on how many grids and which grids you choose for each room.

Price includes cost of wrapped crystals and generating crystal.

$100/Per Room 

Home Makeover Package

Gift yourself a complete HOME makeover for your
"3 Homes"

Your SOUL - the home for your Spirit
Your BODY - the home for your Soul
Your HOUSE- the home for your Body.

Having these 3 areas decluttered, aligned, styled and filled with light will provide you with a fresh start and create space for new opportunities.

Let's connect and review the current state of your "3 Homes" -  together we'll curate a game plan to implement that will work best for you.

This 'personal makeover' package will provide you the energy to flourish in every arena of your life!

1 on 1 session prices are pre set.
See Healing Sessions for details.
 Onsite work - Home or Office
$95/ Per Hr