What Is Etheric Reconstruction?

A Healing Modality for Clearing Out Core Issues, Traumas and Wounds That Have Been Holding You Back.

Have you ever wanted to let go of a core issue? I mean REALLY let it go?
Etheric Reconstruction is the perfect healing modality for you. Bringing light to a specific core issue, etheric reconstruction means you never have to repeat a life long pattern again in your life.

During the Etheric Reconstruction session, we work with the holiest of holies within a person’s energy field, their etheric structure. This is where core issues, traumas, and wounds are kept that can hold someone back for a lifetime. In this session, these energies are cleared and removed from a person’s energy structure, which reconnects them to their original divine blueprint!

For example, if you suffer from thoughts of scarcity and the fear that there’s never enough, etheric reconstruction works layer by layer to remove that issue permanently for you.

It is a peaceful and gentle session, you’ll leave with a much deeper understanding of yourself and less baggage from when you arrived.

This session is done after someone has received other healing sessions such as the Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, and Empower Thyself class.

Etheric Reconstruction

Time: 90 minutes

Investment: $400

* This session includes a set of spagyrical essences are needed to integrate this session (value: $50).